Damien O’Neill is Site Manager at Advanced Technology Services UK Ltd (ATS).

ATS employs more than 3,000 people across the US, Mexico and the UK, and specialises in factory maintenance and IT services. Their company culture is centered around safety and continuous improvement, with their products winning multiple awards for innovation.

We spoke to Damien to find out more about ATS and their culture, ahead of the 2017 Happy Workplaces Conference next month.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself.

Outside of work, my passion is long distance cycling. In July I am cycling from London to Edinburgh and back – non-stop in under 116 hours!

2. What’s your top tip for creating a happy and engaged workplace?

Be open and honest with your team, good stuff and bad stuff.

3. Could you give me one example of how people responded to greater trust?

I will be talking about this at the conference – the outcome has been improved work/life balance, increased autonomy, less work for me and a significant reduction of cost to our customer.

4. What have you done to create a culture of trust at your organisation?

Constantly reassure the team that you trust them and give them space and support to make mistakes.

5. Could you give me an example of what you’ve done to give staff greater freedom and autonomy?

Again I will be talking about this at the conference – we have overcome some significant cultural issues in our industry to allow the team to have a much greater level of freedom in their working hours. This was achieved by telling them the issues, giving them the guidance and then getting out of the way!

Damien and Gemma of ATS will be speaking at our 2017 Happy Workplaces Conference on 14th June, a day which will be full of new case studies and practical ways that you can create your own happy and engaged workplace.

Have a look at the 10 core principles of the Happy Manifesto and download your free PDF copy, or contact the Happy team for details of our culture change programmes and executive coaching.

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