Peter Cheese is the CEO of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

CIPD is the professional body for HR and people development. It is career partners to more than 140,000 members around the world, giving them the support they need to make a real impact on the work and working lives of the people and organisations they work with. Through its research, CIPD provides a point of view on creating that impact in the context of the rapidly changing world of work.

We spoke to Peter Cheese about how he has helped to create an engaged and happy workplace.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself.

I am married with 3 girls (2 Gen Y and 1 Gen Z who give me first-hand insight into the next generation’s views), and I have a wide range of interests from Chelsea FC to astronomy.

2. What’s your top tip for creating a happy and engaged workplace?

Trust and support your people, give them space, listen to them, inspire them around the vision and purpose. If you take care of the things they care about, they’ll take care of the things you care about.

3. Could you give me one example of how people responded to greater trust?

Didn’t walk away but took up the challenge and then thrived.

4. What have you done to create a culture of trust at your organisation?

Try to listen, to share and be open, to encourage collaboration.

5. Could you give me an example of what you’ve done to give staff greater freedom and autonomy?

Engage them on major projects and programmes of change so they have voice and agency.

Peter will be speaking at 2017 Happy Workplaces Conference on 14th June, a day which will be full of new case studies and practical ways that you can create your own happy and engaged workplace. Happy is partnering with the CIPD and Engage for Success, to create an event that’s even bigger than in previous years.

Have a look at the 10 core principles of the Happy Manifesto and download your free PDF copy, or contact the Happy team for details of our culture change programmes and executive coaching.

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