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2017 Beyond Budgeting Conference

Videos from the conference on 6th February 2017

At Beyond Budgeting 2017, the third conference run in partnership between Happy and the Beyond Budgeting Institute, we welcomed six speaks from a variety of commercial backgrounds. Anders Oleson, Director at Beyond Budgeting Institute, discussed the benefits of dynamic budgets and flexible hierarchy. Next up was Henry Stewart, CEO of Happy, who presented a discussion focusing on the importance of delegation and allowing staff to take ownership of their own job roles.

Speakers also include Mira Gvozdenovic, formerly of Coloplast, on Beyond Budgeting; Paul Gapper of Happy, on mindfullness; Chris Hannay and Kevin McCoy of Next Jump, on changing a workplace into a great place to work; Bjarte Bogsnes of Statoil, on transcending targets, and John Seddon of Vanguard Consulting on efficient, considerate ways to lower costs.

Through this page you can find clips from the speakers at the conference. 


Freedom, Purpose and Values (Full Video)

At the 2017 Beyond Budgeting Conference, Henry Stewart talked about why you should make your people the main focus of management in your organisation, and gave examples for organisations who have achieved that.

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Beyond Budgeting 2017

Beyond Budgeting 2017

On 6th February, Happy and the Beyond Budgeting Institute co-hosted the 2017 Beyond Budgeting Conference. Here we have a summary of each talk, plus speaker PowerPoint presentations.

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