Executive 1 to 1 Coaching

Happy is all about unleashing potential – inspiring people to achieve the highest standards

“Perhaps the most important and direct benefit of good executive coaching is the development of high-impact future leaders.” Alyssa Freas and Don Mankin, Executive Coaching Helps Companies Achieve Goals, Wall Street Journal, 12/28/2001



Organisations need to harness the talent of all their people in order to succeed. Long-term organisational success relies on their leadership to unleash the power of diversity.

Forward thinking organisations understand the qualities and behaviours that are needed from a new generation of leaders with this future inclusive culture in mind. Executive coaching drives a culture of strong engagement and positive focused energy throughout an organisation, creating a high performing culture.

How can Happy’s Executive Coaching help?

Our executive coaching programme can tap into an individual’s unique experience, talents and wisdom; coaxing out the best in them by challenging them to grow, helping them discover and acknowledge different perspectives, and identify new answers to what may otherwise appear to be intractable problems. It enables the coachee to take concrete action to develop and hone their leadership skills, to hold themselves accountable for their experiences and actions, increases self- awareness of strengths and blind spots, cultivates a more strategic view, challenges assumptions, shifts perspectives and supports rapid development.

Summary of the Coaching Process

The sessions can be as long or as short as needed (usually we recommend somewhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour at a time), they can take place over the phone or face to face (either at our venue or yours). We can agree a set number of coaching sessions in advance or offer ad hoc coaching as required.  Typically, a minimum of two coaching sessions are needed, so that following the first session we can review action and discuss any further issues. Initially, we will agree the key objectives to be achieved throughout the coaching engagement.  At the start of each session we will review previous action and insights.

Your Executive Coach

Cathy Busani

Cathy Busani

As Managing Director of Happy, I passionately believe that people work best when they feel good about themselves.  Everything I do has that as the underlying aim - if you believe the best of people, you get the best they have to give.

Since 2003 my focus has been on the creation and management of the Happy People division of Happy Ltd, which delivers learning and development programmes through consultancy, facilitation and coaching with the aim of embedding positive behavioural change.

Awards Won
  • Finalist in the 2004 Best Business Leader Award (Daily Telegraph)
  • Winner of the 2001 HR Manager of the Year Award (Personnel Today)
  • Winner of a Special Commendation for Innovative Management in the 2000 Parents at Work/Lloyds TSB Best Boss Competition
  • Trainer of the Year: 1999 Gold award winner (Learning & Development Institute)

In 2008, I became an accredited Inspired Level 1 Coach through the Institute of Human Development.

“As an Executive Coach with over 12 years’ experience (I have coached people from Board Level downwards across all sectors), everything I do is about unlocking a person’s talent and potential, enabling them to gain more self-awareness, credibility and authenticity.  I do this through a combination of empathy, support and challenge.  With a strong focus on practical concrete actions, I adapt my style to the individual, thereby ensuring their ongoing success."

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our coaching services or would like to know how it might be tailored to meet your business and personal needs then feel free to contact us for a friendly chat.

“My ongoing coaching with Cathy has helped me to focus to the extent that I reduced my time at work by 10 hours a week at the same time as sales grew by 30%.” 

Ella Heeks

“The coaching from Cathy is giving me the opportunity to develop a business that cares for its people. I feel she understands the influence people have on a business much better than most and as a result she is able to translate this into practical information. With her continuing help, I am sure that I can build a company which is superior in productivity and profitability.”

Daniel Dzikowski

“Cathy’s coaching has been an excellent experience.  As a result I have improved my credibility within my role, as well as improved the morale and motivation of my team.”

Olaolu Olatunde

“Objectives were set at the outset and progress in relation to these has been returned to on a frequent basis, ensuring good focus on an ongoing basis. I have found Cathy to be an excellent coach in all respects who has offered very good advice whilst also allowing me to arrive at my own conclusions and solutions for improvement. Sessions have been very positive throughout and have allowed a time to reflect on progress made on an ongoing basis, whilst also settling on clear things to focus on for the next session. In addition to providing time to discuss the things I have been working on in general terms, the recommendation of practical tools/methods to help with practical things such as time management has also been valuable.”

Tim Wright

”Through my 1 to 1 coaching with Cathy I have gained increased self-confidence, increased self-knowledge and I’ve learned more about my strengths and how to build on them. It has helped me remain professional and in charge of my workplace relationships.  Cathy provides very useful insights and examples from her own vast experience and she has set some very practical homework. She had taught me to manage my own stress and become self-reliant”

Tina Foulkes