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The Happy Manifesto: Make Your Organisation a Great Workplace

The Happy Manifesto

Written by Henry Stewart, founder and CEO of Happy Ltd, this book is the definitive guide for anyone who wants to transform productivity, loyalty and innovation within their organisations. Learn how you too could create a great workplace by reading this book and by using the advice and guidance this website aims to provide you.

“Imagine a workplace where people are energised and motivated by being in control of the work they do. Imagine they are trusted and given freedom within clear guidelines to decide how to achieve their results. Imagine they are able to get the life balance they want. Imagine they are valued according to the work they do rather than the number of hours they spend at their desk. Wouldn’t you want to work there? Wouldn’t it also be the place that would enable you to work at your best and most productive?”

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Relax! A Happy Business Story


You should read this book if you want to make your work environment a better place. It won’t tell you what to do or what to think. It will tell you a story instead. Some of the things in the story are true. Some things, we would like to be true. But they are all ideas that we fully believe will improve any workplace. We don’t pretend to have all the answers and we certainly don’t think that everything we say is absolutely right. If you think some of these ideas will work for you, give them a try. If not, give them a try anyway. What have you got to lose, apart from your old ways of working? Written by Henry Stewart, Cathy Busani and James Moran.

This book is also available in French.

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80 Ideas to Create a Happy Workplace

This three-page PDF document is a useful checklist with 80 ideas to help you create a happy workplace based around the principles of the Happy Manifesto. Start by ticking the things that you do already. If you don’t but you think it is a good idea, assess if it is easy to do, or requires more effort and is a medium-term solution – or, if you don’t like the idea, tick ‘bad idea’. How many ideas could you implement?