2016 Happy Workplaces Conference

Speaker presentations from the Conference on 11th May 2016

At Happy Workplaces 2016, we welcomed John Housego of WL Gore (makers of Goretex), who explained how Gore has created an award-winning international company through its trust-based leadership. Simon Perriton of Just IT, Philippa Ward of Global Action Plan and Valentina Culatti of UNIT9 each explained how they had used the principles of the Happy Manifesto to create their happy, successful workplaces, while Shannon Banks spoke about the importance of connection in the workplace. Finally, Tarun and Henry explained how Next Jump operates with a ‘no fire’ policy.

On this page, you can view videos of each of the speakers (both a two-minute clip and a full-length video) with transcripts, and download their PowerPoint presentations.

Shannon Banks: Why friendships in the workplace are vital

People with a best friend at work are seven times more likely to be motivated and productive – and yet only 42% of people in the UK say they have a friend at work. Find out the importance of connection in this talk from the 2016 Happy Workplaces Conference by Shannon Banks, coach and consultant at Be Leadership.

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Simon Perriton: How Just IT helps people to work at their best

Simon Perriton is a long-term friend of Happy, and his company Just IT has just ‘done the double’ – it’s just been in the Sunday Times ‘Best Workplace’ list and the Great Place to Work list. Simon explains how he has transformed his organisation by helping his staff to work at their best.

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