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Want to learn how to put the ideas of the Happy Manifesto into practice?

Join us for our range of conferences and networking events in London and across the UK, and learn how to create a happy, more productive and engaged workplace.

Considering coming to an event but not sure what to expect, or missed a recent conference? You can also watch videos and see the PowerPoint slides from previous conferences on our Previous Conferences and Events page.

2019 Happy Workplaces Conference

13th June with optional masterclass 14th June 2019

Transform your organisation – learn how to create a happy workplace with a no blame culture based on trust and autonomy. The venue and speakers will be confirmed over the next few months.

On day 2, Henry Stewart will be holding an optional masterclass at Happy’s training centre in Aldgate. This will help you create your own personal action plan to put the ideas and principles of a happy workplace into place at your organisation.

Henry Stewart, CEO of Happy Ltd and author of the Happy Manifesto, is a confident public speaker and available to speak at your own upcoming events around the themes of creating happy, engaged and more productive workplaces. Please contact us for more details and availability.