The Happy Manifesto


The Happy Manifesto Podcast

Hosted by Henry Stewart and Maureen Egbe

The Happy Manifesto podcast launches on 12th January. This is the podcast for senior leaders and managers who want to transform their workplace, with a focus on giving real examples that people can takeaway and implement at their organisation.

Henry and Maureen will interview leadership gurus about their ideas and leaders of organisations who have used The Happy Manifesto principles to create happy workplaces. Guests include Tom Peters, Helen Sanderson MBE and Cathy Busani.

What if people could spend 80% of their time at work doing things that gave them joy? That was the question Happy’s Managing Director Cathy Busani asked herself that still informs her work, now 27 years later. What Cathy found is that when people spend time doing the things they’re good at, their work feels...
A leader needs to be prepared to be available. That means not overbooking themselves with meetings, burning out, and being unable to think creatively. To author and columnist Tom Peters, empathy is the most important skill a leader can have. In May 1986, Tom wrote about having only five levels of management, even in big...
Let’s stop thinking about how to create joy at work, and start doing it. Join Henry Stewart and Maureen Egbe as they explore creating happy workplaces. Each episode features actionable examples from management experts and Happy clients, which you can put into practice in your own workplace. The show launches on January 11th, with new...

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