The Happy Manifesto

Effective Strategies for Embracing Errors and Fostering Creativity in a Happy Workplace with Dr. Natalie Nixon

Learning from mistakes can create a more fulfilling work environment says our guest, Dr. Natalie Nixon, a creativity strategist, who draws upon parallels with jazz music’s improvisational nature, to explore the intersection between creativity, organisational culture, and productivity. Natalie advocates for a human-centric approach to problem-solving and balancing curiosity with discipline towards fostering innovation.

Additionally, Natalie challenges traditional work culture by proposing the “motor framework” (MTOR), which values movement, thought, and rest. Her passion for dance exemplifies the joy found in activities outside of work, underscoring the episode’s theme of creativity in a happy workplace.

Natalie’s tips for a happy workplace

  1. Building cultures of trust in the workplace
  2. Modeling self-inquiry as leaders and managers
  3. Motor activity is more movement, thought and rest


Connect with Natalie via LinkedIn

Figure 8 Thinking (Natalie’s website)

The Creativity Leap (Natalie’s book)

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