The Happy Manifesto

The CoppaFeel Approach to Breast Cancer Awareness, with Natalie Heskall

Early and accurate diagnosis of breast cancer, particularly in younger individuals, is important not just in the workplace but to any individual in any team or community and this is at the heart of CoppaFeel’s mission: to promote early diagnosis to 18-24 year-olds, which can lead to treatments being more effective and less invasive whilst working towards higher survival rates. CoppaFeel is a breast cancer awareness charity taking a happy and positive approach to serious business.

In this episode, CEO, Natalie Heskall, shares details of the organisation’s training programs that enhance communication and teamwork, and the implementation of an approach that puts people first to empower projects and employees. She also shares Copperfield’s adoption of a nine-day fortnight work schedule and the importance of playing to individual strengths.

Natalie’s tips for a happy workplace:

  1. Understand your purpose
  2. Foster by belonging to and building community
  3. Provide autonomy for people to be themselves



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